CargoMax Drone Logistics

The CargoMax D Series of drones draw from the heritage of our commercial logistics drones and adds enhancements such as Ruggedized Command and Control and Miol grade connectors. These systems have variants that are designed to takeoff and operate from high altitude theatres. 


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Commercial Drones

The drones are designed to be versatile, and modular which helps reduce the operations cost and the Total Cost of Ownnership over the operating life span of the drone.

Drone as a Service

Unlocking Unlimited Possibilities: Discover the versatile applications of drone services. 

Drone Surveillance

Enhance surveillance techniques with our drone services for pipelines, railways, roads, and perimeter security, delivering superior monitoring and detection capabilities.

Drone Bathymetry

Unlocking the depths with precision and efficiency, our drones revolutionize bathymetry, empowering accurate mapping and analysis of underwater terrains.

Drone GIS & Survey

Enhance GIS and survey practices with rapid and high-resolution data acquisition, mapping, and analysis, revolutionizing spatial data collection and decision-making.

Drone Thickness Measurement at Height

Assure accurate thickness measurements, enabling non-contact assessments at elevated locations irrespective of geographical terrain.

Drone Industrial Inspections

Combining visual prowess and thermal precision with drones to redefine industrial inspections, offering a dual perspective.

Drone Confined Space Inspections

Excel in confined space inspections, enabling safe and thorough assessments of inaccessible areas with unparalleled precision and efficiency.

Drone Magnetometer

Improve the efficiency of surveillance and exploration by harnessing the power of magnetometer technology.

Drone GPR

Enable subsurface analysis, uncovering hidden structures and valuable insights with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Drone Building Inspection

Efficient and comprehensive assessments of building structures with a level of precision and detailing impossible to imagine earlier.

Drone Methane Detection

Harness aerial technology to revolutionize methane detection, providing swift and accurate identification of gas leaks with unrivalled efficiency and safety.

Industries we serve

Scandron’s superior drone combines cutting-edge technology, advanced surveillance capabilities, and unmatched agility, making it an indispensable asset for every industry. 

Scandron Story

Our innovative unmanned aircraft systems are designed to broaden our customers’ horizons, enabling them to see the world in powerful, new ways and to tackle challenges that previously seemed insurmountable. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you with your requirements. 

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