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Oil & Gas Inspections

In the oil and gas industry, efficient and economical monitoring of infrastructure is needed to avoid losses, downtimes, and expensive repairs. This work requires constant monitoring, which can at times be very dangerous and expensive, especially when inspecting large assets in remote and hostile environments.

 Our Drone Confined Space Inspections let you systemize your inspection efforts and gain critical insights into your assets–without putting your team at risk.


Substantially reduce the cost of oil & gas inspections while maintaining workplace safety


Make informed decisions on maintenance

requirements and the frequency of inspections

Mechanical integrity analysis

Undertake drone-based visual inspections inside confined spaces in refineries, oil tanks, and operational vessels such as FPSOs, bulk carriers, and tankers.

Preventive maintenance

Quickly and regularly get visual data on the internal condition of an asset to better plan for maintenance shutdowns and reduce unplanned downtimes.

Fly in hard-to-reach confined spaces

Perform remote analysis and evaluation of hard-to-reach confined structures such as pipe racks, storage tanks, vessels, cracker units, and chimneys.

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