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Drone GPR

Unleash Precision with Scandron's Drone GPR Solutions

Elevate your surveying and mapping capabilities with Scandrons' cutting-edge Drone Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology. Unleash the power of precision, efficiency, and accuracy in your geospatial endeavors.

What is Drone GPR?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a revolutionary technology that utilizes electromagnetic waves to penetrate and map subsurface structures. Scandrons' Drone GPR takes this innovation to new heights by integrating it seamlessly with unmanned aerial vehicles. This groundbreaking combination provides unparalleled insights into the hidden layers beneath the Earth's surface.


Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology with our Drone GPR system. Seamlessly combining the mobility of drones with the precision of ground-penetrating radar, our innovative solution offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy for your surveying needs.

Save time and resources with the swift data collection capabilities of our Drone GPR, eliminating the need for traditional, time-consuming methods.

Efficiency Redefined

Keep personnel out of harm's way by employing our Drone GPR for remote and hazardous terrain exploration.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Maximize your budget with cost-effective drone technology, minimizing manual labor and equipment expenses.

Cost-effective Solutions

From archaeological surveys to infrastructure assessments, our Drone GPR adapts to a myriad of applications with ease.

Versatility in Applications
Applications of Drone GPR

Archaeological Discoveries

Uncover ancient artifacts and structures with precision, revolutionizing archaeological surveys.

Infrastructure Inspection

Ensure the integrity of structures and subsurface utilities with thorough drone-based GPR inspections.

Environmental Monitoring

Monitor environmental changes, subsurface water flow, and soil conditions for effective resource management.

Disaster Response and Recovery

Rapidly assess disaster-stricken areas, providing crucial data for effective response and recovery efforts.

Key Features of Scandron's Drone GPR

Precision at Altitude

Experience unmatched accuracy as our drones navigate varying terrains, delivering high-resolution GPR data from the air.

Gain instant insights with real-time data streaming, allowing on-the-fly analysis for informed decision-making.

Real-time Data Streaming

Our Drone GPR adapts to diverse landscapes, ensuring comprehensive coverage and detailed subsurface imaging.

Adaptive Terrain Mapping

Seamlessly control and monitor the drone's GPR capabilities through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

User-Friendly Interface:

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