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Volumetric Analysis

Scandron aerial surveys are a cost-effective and efficient solution for Volumetric Mapping and Volumetric Calculations. Our services make managing extraction activities and environmental protection issues easy to handle and available on demand without exposing workers to dangerous conditions. Using UAVs to create airborne imagery allows for accurate measurement and documentation of any site at a specific point in time. We produce Orthomosaics, Digital Surface Maps (DSMs), and Point Clouds of open-pit mines, quarries, and pits, and calculate volumes of extracted materials and stockpiles. This also increases safety, efficiency, and accuracy, while keeping cost and labor to a minimum. This enables continuous monitoring while avoiding inconvenient and costly interruptions of site operations.

Why Scandron for
Volumetric Analysis

Benefits of Drone Based Volumetric Analysis

  • Efficiency: Drones save time by quickly capturing data over large areas.


  • Accuracy: Drones provide precise data with high-resolution sensors.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: Drones are a more affordable option compared to traditional methods.


  • Safety: Drones eliminate risks by accessing hazardous or remote areas.


  • Flexibility: Drones adapt to different project scales and changing requirements.


  • Integration: Drone data seamlessly integrates with software for automated analysis.

Survey earthworks quickly, easily, and accurately.
Produce maps and 3D digital surface models for volu-metric measurements, terrain modelling, and more.
Volume Measurements: Get more complete surveys of stockpiles and earthworks via aerial survey.
RTK based Drone imagery gives comprehensive coverage of intricate areas for precise measurements.

Sample Outputs


Site Orthophoto

Contour Elevations


  • EHS Assessments 

  • Infrastructure Management

  • Mining

  • Access Roads

  • Landfill Volumes

  • Densite Volume Calculation

  • Site Topography

  • Stockpile Management

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