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Scandron CEO Arjun Naik envisions bright future for India's growing logistics drone industry​

Scandron CEO Arjun Naik envisions bright future for India's growing logistics drone industry​

27/9/23, 10:04 am

Scandron CEO Arjun Naik envisions bright future for India's growing Drone Industry, Highlighting Technical Advancements an₫Regulatory Support

Scandron is one of the largest manufacturers of logistic drones in India. Scandron offers a diverse range of products and services in the drone industry. In terms of products, we specialize in logistics drones capable of carrying cargo from 5 to 20 kilograms over distances up to 30 kilometers. We also provide agricultural drones designed for precision spraying. On the services front, we offer Drone-as-a-Service, allowing customers to access drones without the need for ownership. Our primary service offerings include inspections, such as confined space and industrial inspections, with a significant focus on serving the oil and gas industry. We excel in drone-based visual and thermal inspection services, ensuring the highest quality and precision for our clients.

What are the backgrounds of the founders of Scandron?

Arjun Naik, Founder and CEO of Scandron, has been a trailblazer in the Indian drone industry since 2007. His company specializes in drone manufacturing and services, focusing on cargo and agriculture drones, as well as inspections and surveys. Arjun's dedication to customer-centric solutions and his background in technology and aviation have driven his innovative journey from network engineering to pioneering the use of drones, making him an inspiring figure in the field.

How do you manage and maintain drones and ensure consistency and reliability of their performance?

We prioritize consistency and reliability by implementing robust quality control during production, offering regular firmware updates, and maintaining a responsive customer support team. We emphasize customer education through training programs, remote diagnostics, and a readily available spare parts inventory. Continuous research and development keeps our drones on the cutting edge, while compliance with local regulations ensures safe and legal operation.

We actively collect performance data and feedback to enhance and improve our products continuously. Environmental considerations guide our designs to minimize ecological impact. Our commitment to these principles ensures that customers can depend on our drones for reliable and consistent performance. We strive to provide a comprehensive ecosystem, from manufacturing to support, to maintain the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction in the drone industry in India.

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