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Scandron targets commercial & defence sectors post DGCA approval

Scandron targets commercial & defence sectors post DGCA approval

19/2/24, 8:00 am

Bengaluru-based drone manufacturer, Scandron, aims to transform logistics in commercial and defence sectors following its landmark achievement of receiving the DGCA Type Certificate for its logistics drone – CargoMax 500HE.

Scandron, headquartered in Bengaluru, has set its sights on revolutionising logistics in both commercial and defence domains after securing the prestigious Type Certificate from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) for its logistics drone – CargoMax 500HE. Becoming the first Indian company to receive this certification on Monday, Scandron is now positioned to address crucial logistics gaps in the industry.

The drone-maker’s strategic partnership with CriticaLog India, a critical logistics service provider, aims to offer B2B logistics services across 160 Indian cities in the next two years. In addition, Scandron is actively engaged in talks with Shree Maruti Courier, a leading logistics and delivery service provider.

CEO Arjun Naik highlighted the company’s focus on efficient and time-saving B2B deliveries between courier service hubs, distancing itself from the economically impractical retail e-commerce and food delivery drone operations in India. The DGCA certificate allows Scandron to facilitate safe and reliable deliveries within a 20-kilometer range per flight.

While the company has conducted high-altitude tests in the defence sector, it is gearing up for a forthcoming partnership announcement. Scandron, a subsidiary of Magellanic Cloud, invested INR 30 crore in its logistic drone project. Magellanic Cloud, a publicly-listed digital entity, acquired a 70 percent stake in Scandron in 2022-23, emphasising its commitment to drone logistics expansion.

Scandron’s recent launch of the Drone Operations Command and Control Centre in Bengaluru underscores its dedication to responsible and innovative drone solutions. The company manufactures its drones at the Whitefield plant in the city, marking a significant step in the unfolding era of aerial logitics.

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